Always ask or you'll never know

Q Is this program reimbursable?

Yes, 100% reimbursable.

We create a monthly invoice, send it to you for payment, which auto-generates a receipt of payment. We then send a copy of your receipt and your proof of media to your TSM, via email to get your reimbursement processed. On average, it takes about 45 days to receive your reimbursement.

Q Can I download my videos for my own use?

Yes, we encourage it.

We keep backups of everything and you will have access to download your videos, post them on social media, post them to your website, and send them out in your email marketing campaigns.

Q How many times will the creative change per year?

Up to 4 times.

We work directly with Dave and Jenny Marrs and our friends at The Weather Channel and everyone is committed to creating content that is relevant, fresh, and easily connects with the audience.

Q Can you help us with Paid Per Click?

Yes, we can help.

While the Daikin Media Membership does not include PPC, we can connect you to our preferred vendors.

Q Will I receive social media posts?


Simply select the option, when customizing your Daikin Media Membership and we will send you vertical and horizontal social media posts each and every month.

Q Can I cut a commercial with Dave Marrs?


Contact us today and let's get your shoot scheduled.

Q What's the cancelation policy?

If you need to cancel, we ask for 60-day notice, and we ask that you cease using the imagery, social posts, and videos from The Weather Channel and/or HGTV.
We ask that you give The Power of Association, 90 days, to show you and your business what others have experienced throughout 2023.

Q Can I customize my campaign even more?


Click 'Schedule with Daikin' in the top right hand corner of the website and we'll review your marketing needs with you.