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The Power of Association

We have secured national endorsements with Dave and Jenny Marrs from the Hit TV Show, Fixer to Fabulous (5th Season on HGTV), along with partnering with The Weather Channel and IBM to bring national and local association opportunities to our DCPs. Whether you are checking your daily weather forecast, with millions of other people or binge-watching the great programming on HGTV ; we've got you covered.

In the fiercely competitive world of HVAC, standing out is not just an advantage; it's a necessity. Are you struggling to make your business visible in a crowded market? Do your online efforts fall short of converting leads into customers? The Dealer Membership is your solution.

We offer a spectrum of services designed to transform your online presence. From enhancing your website with Daikin-specific pages to boosting your visibility with SEO and PPC services, we've got you covered. Captivate your audience with compelling video content, and engage precisely through social media marketing and advertising. Let us turn your challenges into triumphs and watch your HVAC business soar.

What Successful DCPs Are Saying 

Affordable Air & Heating

Proudly servicing their community for the last 27 years
Vito, the Founder, was sitting home watching the television with his family when his feature started playing with Dave Marrs. He immediately recorded a video of it playing and sent it to us.

Lancaster, California

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$895 per month value

1 Ton

The Power of Association


per month
  • Power of Association with HGTV
  • Power of Association with The Weather Channel (TWC)

$2,950 per month value

3 Ton

Power of Association +


per month
  • Power of Association with HGTV
  • Power of Association with The Weather Channel (TWC)
  • 3 POA Branded social media posts/month
  • 25,000 views on TV and most watched streaming channels
  • Google Video Upload & Optimization
  • Google Maps Management

$10,000 per month value

5 Ton

Power of Association Blast


per month
  • Power of Association with HGTV
  • Power of Association with The Weather Channel (TWC)
  • 12 POA Branded social media posts/month
  • 100,000 views on TV and most watched streaming channels
  • 40,000 YouTube views
  • Google Video Upload & Optimization
  • Google Maps Management

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Power of Association

Select your preferred endorsement with Dave and Jenny Marrs from the Hit TV Show, Fixer to Fabulous. Choose to be featured on HGTV, The Weather Channel, or BOTH networks! You select the Association you feel is best for your business - whether you choose 1 or multiple Associations, the investment is always $185.

(don't worry, you can make changes to your selection at any time)

Select Your Tonnage

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Select Your Favorite Networks

Pick the programming categories you'd like your Association to air on. Yes, you can select more than one!

Select Your Efficiency

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Choose The Size Of Your Audience

We will help maximize The Power of Association, in your service area. Let us know the budget that makes the most sense for your business.


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Optimize Your Features - on Google Maps

Your integrated features directly into the Google search results. Your consumers see at the exact moment they need your services.

Add To Your System

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Air Your Features Online

Greatly expand your audience – by placing your integrated feature on YouTube, the world’s largest video platform – where so many of your consumers today watch and learn.

Select the number of impressions you want to air in your service area each month.

Enhance Your System

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Be there in a big way when the Customer Needs You Most - On Google via Video Digital Optimization

Use advanced optimization tools to make sure you fully take advantage of the powerful Associations with Daikin and our Media Partners when the Consumer comes looking for an HVAC solution in their exact moment of need.

Update Your System

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Share Your Features on Social Media

We will provide social media posts that increase your brand awareness through our brand association with HGTV and The Weather Channel. We will provide horizontal and vertical posts to increase your organic reach.

Select the number of social media posts you would like to receive each month.


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Put Your Social Media To Work

An easy way to reach more people in your service area through social media channels is to boost your posts. Select this add-on if you want our team to boost your social media posts for you.

Select the monthly ad budget that makes the most sense for your campaign.


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Let's Take This Outside

We will take photos from your Featured Integrations with HGTV and The Weather Channel and place them on digital billboards in and around your service area to maximize your brand and increase your brand awareness in the market. According to Nielsen, nearly 90% of consumers have noticed a billboard ad in the past month.

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Broadcast Your Feature ON AIR: Radio

From Rock, Country, R&B, Blues, Oldies, and Pop - we will take your feature with Dave Marrs and air (:30) second commercials in your market each and every month. We'll also rotate your HGTV creative with your Air Quality Index creative if you selected The Weather Channel from above!

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Freshen Up Your Website 

Our team will develop a state-of-the-art website for your company to increase your organic search results. Websites don't have to be complicated. In our opinion, they need to be full of great content, easy-to-understand information, and simple for customers to use.

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Receive More Leads with Search Engine Optimization

We will deliver quality Daikin-focused leads to your inbox each month through effective content, search engine optimization, Google local service ads and ppc strategy. Our strategy is simple: consistently monitor keyword research and optimize our DCP's campaigns accordingly. We know what people search for, in our industry, changes with the seasons.

This service should be part of your overall lead generation strategy. You will receive a comprehensive report each month and have the opportunity to meet with a Daikin Concierge Specialist that can answer all of your questions.

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Always ask or you'll never know

Is this program reimbursable? 

Yes, 100% reimbursable
We create a monthly invoice, send it to you for payment, which auto-generates a receipt of payment. We then send a copy of your receipt and your proof of media to your TSM, via email to get your reimbursement processed. On average, it takes about 45 days to receive your reimbursement.

Can I download my videos for my own use?

Yes, we encourage it
We keep backups of everything and you will have access to download your videos, post them on social media, post them to your website, and send them out in your email marketing campaigns.

How many times will the creative change per year?
Up to 4 times

We work directly with Dave and Jenny Marrs and our friends at The Weather Channel and everyone is committed to creating content that is relevant, fresh, and easily connects with the audience.

Can you help us with Paid Per Click?
Yes, we can help

While the Daikin Media Membership does not include PPC, we can connect you to our preferred vendors.

Will I receive social media posts?

Simply select the option, when customizing your Daikin Media Membership and we will send you vertical and horizontal social media posts each and every month.

Can I cut a commercial with Dave Marrs?

Contact us today and let's get your shoot scheduled.

What's the cancelation policy?

If you need to cancel, we ask for 60-day notice, and we ask that you cease using the imagery, social posts, and videos from The Weather Channel and/or HGTV.
We ask that you give The Power of Association, 90 days, to show you and your business what others have experienced throughout 2023.

Can I customize my campaign even more?
Yes! Click 'Schedule with Daikin' in the top right hand corner of the website and we'll review your marketing needs with you.